6. Good: Surgical Face Mask


Surgical face masks, also called medical masks, are the pleated masks popularly seen on surgeons and nurses. These paper-like masks are typically light blue or white. Though these masks aren’t as tight fitting as an N95, nor are the textiles precisely the same, surgical masks still function as an effective barrier from droplets that may contain COVID-19 (and other viruses like influenza) by as much as 67%. Whether worn by the infected person or those around them, a surgical face work impressively to prevent viral transmission. 

5. Good: Cotton-Polyester Face Mask

Face Masks Variety

When it comes to cotton or polyester masks, the more layers, the better, and the type of weave also chosen matters. For example, quilter’s cotton, which has a tighter weave, creates a more constructive barrier than a looser weave. Therefore, a homemade face mask made up of two or more layers of quilter’s cotton provides a sufficient amount of protection for both the wearer and the people around them and can, if made well, be as effective as a surgical face mask. 

4. Face Mask Considerations

Face Mask 4

Have you ever wondered why some face masks have vents? Are you tempted to wear a face shield instead of a face mask? Because face masks aren’t the same, understanding how a specific face mask functions can help you decide if and where to wear it.


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