4. How to Clean Your Ears Without Impacting Your Earwax


Though globs of earwax can be unsightly and removing earwax feels satisfying, it’s essential that you clean your ears very carefully. Digging around blindly with a bobby pin, chopstick, or a good old cotton swab may be quick and convenient, but it’s also dangerous. 

As stated earlier, earwax protects the ears from foreign particles and microorganisms. By removing ear wax from the ear canal, it predisposes the ear to infection. Ear canals weren’t made to have objects inserted into them, and the delicate area can easily be injured. Small abrasions from scraping in the ear canal can quickly turn into an infection. 

What’s more, earwax might get pushed deeper into the ear, rather than removed. Repeated over time, layers of earwax may accumulate, making it impossible for the body to naturally push the wax out of the canal. A Q-tip’s dome-shaped end makes it particularly good at pushing earwax backward and causing an impaction. 

Globs of earwax might look unsightly, but think twice before digging around with a cotton swab. Scraping or swabbing earwax might appear as if it’s removing dirt and unnecessary wax, but all it’s doing is pushing the wax deeper and, perhaps, causing injury to the area. It might be hard to fathom, but the way you “clean” your ear canal may be doing more harm than good. Rather than rely on Q-tips, it’s best to clean your ears safely by doing the following:

3. Take a Hot Shower

Daily Showers

The heat and steam from a hot shower help to soften earwax, making it liquify and flow through the ear canal. You can wipe away the earwax with a dry washcloth, making sure to only clean the parts of your ear that are easy to reach. If you need to insert a foreign object to reach the earwax, then it’s too deep to reach. 

2. Use Eardrops


If your ears feel a little full, you may use over-the-counter eardrops from the drug store. These eardrops break up and soften earwax, allowing the body to eliminate the earwax naturally.


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