1. You May Need to Wait Before Getting the Vaccine

corona virus vaccines

Even though the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has promising qualities, it’s still taking time to be manufactured. Johnson & Johnson experienced delays when making the vaccine just a few days back. Plus, only four million doses were shipped two weeks ago.

States health officials were thinking about using this vaccine on people who are harder to reach for a second dose. Patrick Allen, the director of the Oregon Health Authority, said they planned to deliver the vaccine to different mass vaccination sites, including adult foster care homes and pharmacies that aren’t part of the government’s pharmacy program.

Health experts want the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to be distributed equally across communities to avoid any confusion.

Allen said that “If you start getting a little too cute about targeting its use, you maybe feed distrust potentially of, ‘Well, why am I getting that vaccine? And, I’m in this special population and people who aren’t in this special population aren’t getting this vaccine.’” He also stated that they’re keeping the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine stores equally to avoid equity questions and potential concerns based on perceived differences between both vaccines.


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