Overused on the Elderly

The drug Nuedexta, a little red pill, was created initially with the aim to treat mental and mood disorders. The pseudo-bulbar effects or the PBA, which can induce often uncontrollable and abrupt laughter and crying, can be treated with the help of Nuedexta.

The problem of PBA affects less than one percent of Americans and is known to be a somewhat rare issue. However, hundreds of millions of dollars are still spent on Nuedexta every year. The medication is being commonly provided to the elderly in American nursing homes, for whom this red pill might be mostly unnecessary. In many cases, Nuedexta for old people may be unsafe and even life-threatening.

Meteoric success in a short time


The drug Nuedexta has gained tremendous financial success over a short period primarily because aggressive marketers have been pushing it for use for the elderly to address diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Although the drug is not specifically designed for the neurological conditions the elderly in nursing homes typically suffer from, some doctors are extensively prescribing the medicine for them. Furthermore, they even seem to be receiving payment checks from the drug manufacturing companies. A California based physician recently received thousands of dollars in payment from Avanir, the company that manufactures Nuedexta.

Numerous studies have revealed that over 50 percent of the red pills manufactured is provided to long-term care homes and facilities. The number of Nuedexta pills sold rose to almost 14 million in 2016. This represents an astounding escalation of about 400 percent in only a short time period of four years. The total sales for the red pill in the US last year reached approximately $300 million.

Since Nuedexta is aggressively prescribed to elderly, for whom the red pill is not really meant, both Avanir and the red pills have been garnering a lot of attention in recent times. The critics have even called it as irresponsible experimentation. A study on Alzheimer’s patients showed that more than half had used Nuedexta.

No comments from Avanir

No comments

Under persistent questioning from the critics of the red pill, the manufacturer Avanir appears to have entirely isolated itself. They have steadfastly declined to interact with the media or the public. According to sources from Avanir, who speak in defense of the company, the medical condition PBA is misunderstood by most people. They suggest that the condition can also affect people suffering from various neurological diseases, including dementia.

According to Avanir’s website, the PBA can affect about 40 percent of the people who have dementia. The figures on their website, however, have been vehemently contested by medical experts.


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