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Scientists have long known that sick people can emit particular odors pertaining to certain diseases. This can be a metabolic odor, possibly in the breath, or it can be an odor released in the sweat of an individual.

The olfactory prowess of dogs could be a useful ally in our battle against the COVID-19 virus. Many countries including the US are rapidly studying and training dogs to be used for screening purposes in large crowds like airports and arenas.

5. Nose or Olfactory Abilities

A canine’s olfactory sense is more than 10,000 times stronger than a human’s. The dogs are trained to sniff a certain odor, not of the virus itself, but an odor produced by our body when we are carrying the distinct species of that virus. This is very similar to dogs smelling cancer in a human.

4. Dog Studies on COVID Detection

Research Covid Mutation Virus

In the UK there is a non-profit group called Medical Detection Dogs working on a government-funded study to test a dog’s ability to detect COVID-19,  and so far it’s looking promising. A similar study is being done at the University of Pennsylvania.


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