9. Healthcare for the Elderly

Healthcare Elderly

The Danish study notes that Sweden experienced economic crises in the 1990s, which caused that country to cut back on healthcare spending. Elderly patients became less likely to be admitted to hospitals and more likely to spend time in nursing homes or with family, without intensive medical care. Meanwhile, a study by the European Journal of Ageing suggests that Denmark has taken the opposite approach by continuing to provide comprehensive medical services to its elderly population. This may contribute to the improved abilities of Danish centenarians (those aged 100 or older) to perform activities of daily living such as showering, dressing, and feeding themselves.

8. Countries with the Longest Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy Countries

According to Infoplease, the top three countries for life expectancy are Monaco (89.52 years), Japan (84.74 years), and Singapore (84.68 years). The United States is ranked at 43 with a life expectancy of 79.68 years. Okinawa, Japan is noted for the long life expectancy of its population, with a high number of individuals achieving the age of 100 or more. Some attribute the longevity of Okinawans to a diet that focuses on vegetables, whole grains, and soy, with only minimal meat.

7. Life Expectancy by State

USA health by county

According to National Geographic, U.S. life expectancy by state varies from a low of 74.5 years (Mississippi) to 81.5 years (Hawaii). It probably comes as no surprise that relaxing in beautiful Hawaii can lead to a longer life span. 23 states are above the national average life expectancy age of 78.6 years, with the remaining states coming in under the average. California comes in at number two with a life expectancy of 80.9 years. Never fear, you don’t have to move to a warm climate to enjoy more extended longevity. New York, Minnesota, and New Jersey all have life expectancies of over 80 years.

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