6. Exercise and Long Life

Plenty Of Exercise

Good health care is a crucial component of increasing your life span. So is providing your body with plenty of exercise. Exercise builds up muscles, strengthens your bones, and gets your heart pumping. Harvard Health Publishing maintains that adequate physical activity will improve your cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure, and burn off fat. This makes an excellent combination for heart health and long life. Exercise also enables your heart to pump oxygenated blood to your brain, making for clearer thinking and better brain health. While cardiac workouts are great for your heart, weight-bearing exercise keep your bones and muscles strong.

5. Foods for Longevity

Avoid Certain Foods

You can improve your chances of a long life by nourishing your body with wholesome foods. Lean proteins provide your body with the building blocks for strong muscles. Fiber-rich whole grains, fruits, and vegetables keep your digestive tract running smoothly. They also prevent overeating by keeping you feeling full longer. Antioxidant-rich fruits provide sweet flavor as well as vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, they fight off the ravages of free radicals in your body. Beans and legumes provide essential nutrients while maintaining proper blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

4. Life Expectancy and Relationships

Relationships With The Elderly

Another way to beef up your life expectancy is by forging and maintaining meaningful relationships with friends and family. Scientific American reports that a strong social network can increase your survival rate by 50 percent. Unfortunately, digital or online friendships can’t take the place of time spent with friends. Putting your phone aside and making time for a coffee date with pals can boost your mood and help you live longer. So can grabbing a pal for a walk around the block or getting together a group of buddies to play cards or board games.

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