3. Decrease Stress for Longevity

Reduce Stress

Taking steps to decrease stress in your life can help you to live longer. Stress not only taxes your brain, but it also can have adverse effects on your immune system. Furthermore, the American Psychological Association reported on a 20-year study that found that daily stress can increase an individual’s mortality rate. To decrease the negative effect of stress, allow yourself plenty of time to rest, relax, and recharge. Coping techniques such as muscle relaxation, positive mental imaging, and journaling can help with stress. So can using outlets such as exercise, laughter, and friendship.

2. Get Enough Sleep to Lengthen Your Life

Enough Sleep

If you need an excuse to grab some snooze time, you will be glad to know that getting enough sleep improves your life expectancy. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience reports that it is also essential to maintain regular sleep patterns to give yourself a shot at a longer life. Try to avoid staying up late on the weekends and then sleeping in. Allow your body to achieve rest at regular times each day. If you have difficulty falling asleep, set the stage by keeping your bedroom cool and dark. Avoid exercising or drinking alcohol within two hours of bedtime.

1. Happiness and a Long Life

If the thought of growing old strikes you with terror instead of excitement, take heart from studies that suggest happiness increases with age. The European Menopause Journal reports that advancing years may bring greater satisfaction. Their 20-year study found that depressive symptom scores in female subjects decreased by 0.15 for each increased year of age. Perhaps this is due to the wisdom that comes with age. The later years may bring a release from the bondage of striving and achieving that plagues the younger and middle years. Whatever the reason, it may give you an incentive to look forward to your later years.

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