The Shocking Coronavirus Symptoms That Could Last for Years

Recovering from coronavirus might mean you’ve only beat the first phase of this viral infection. Many people now recovered from COVID-19 are finding they suffer from additional health challenges.

As seen with other viral infections like SARS in the recent past, these lasting symptoms could become long-term illnesses.

Much is yet to be learned about prolonged symptoms specific to the novel coronavirus. Factors influencing how long symptoms last could include diet and lifestyle, your overall health before infection, and whether your short-term symptoms were mild or severe.

Here’s a quick list of eight long-term coronavirus symptoms that could possibly last for years. It’s important to keep your doctors informed about your symptoms and follow their recommendations for best care.

8. Male Infertility

Male Fertility

A recent study of 81 men infected with the novel coronavirus noted significant imbalances in their sex hormones. All men studied were of reproductive age.

Of particular concern were the disturbed levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Testosterone production for healthy testes function depends on proper levels of LH. Testosterone also plays an essential role in the production of FSH, a hormone necessary for sperm production.

If the novel coronavirus is throwing male sex hormones off their game, how does this affect a man’s chances at fatherhood after recovery? These findings lead researchers to wonder if male fertility is in jeopardy in the long term, after COVID-19 recovery.


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