The Smart and Healthy way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Healthy way to Lose Weight

Yo-Yo dieting, also known as weight cycling, is the cyclical dramatic loss and gain of weight in a short period of time. Of course, we’ve all been there; it usually goes something like this: a major event is marked on the calendar. The pressure to look thin and fit is on. There is hardly any time to get in shape. For fear of looking and feeling fat, you start a crash diet. Sound familiar? With summer and bikini season just around the corner, here’s how you can lose the weight and keep it off. For real this time.

Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

Ultimately, we live in an instantaneous culture. So why shouldn’t we be able to lose weight fast too? Crash dieting may be tempting. In fact, anyone who has tried a crash diet knows that they do work; even if the weight eventually comes back. However, new studies have proven to show that gaining back the weight and then some isn’t the only negative to crash dieting. The phrase, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is more than just a line from a silly children’s book; it could potentially save your life.