Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are a serious medical condition that, if left unchecked, can easily lead to death. But the signs and symptoms are often subtle, either completely unnoticed or easily attributed to other problems. It’s important to know the signs. One of two of these symptoms may not indicate brain cancer, but if you’re experiencing a few of them, particularly the more severe ones, it’s important to see a doctor.

10. Headaches


You might think that headaches would be an obvious symptom of brain tumors, but in actuality, it is among the easier symptoms to overlook. This is likely because headaches have so many other causes that you’re likely to assume that it’s being caused by another ailment. Generally, what will tip you off to the possibility of a brain tumor is the nature of the headache. Does it arrive every morning and persist nonstop throughout the day? Are painkillers ineffective against it? Is it always growing more severe? If so, it may be time to get checked out.

9. Vision Problems


In addition to severe headaches, you may also develop vision problems. Sometimes it is obvious, and in other cases, vision seems to slowly deteriorate until it becomes a significant problem. Generally, the peripheral vision creeps away, making vision-related accidents and injuries more common on that side of the body. This generally happens because the tumor puts pressure on the eyes’ nerves, damaging their ability to function. If you notice vision changes, seeing an optometrist can help you get the treatment you need, as they may be able to detect a tumor before your doctor does.


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