6. You Increase Your Risk of Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Not only you can increase your risk of liver cancer, but drinking too much might increase the risk of cancer in other areas of your body.

Alcohol has been linked to cancer in your mouth, throat, voice box, liver, colon, stomach, and breasts. Although at the moment, it does not determine how the abuse of alcohol can increase your risk, it’s believed that’s because of something called oxidative stress in your cells, which basically means your body will suffer some chemical reactions called oxidation that can be harmful to your body.

Additionally, when you combine alcohol with tobacco, the chemicals will affect your absorption of nutrients, raise your estrogen levels, and cause weight gain.

5. Alcohol Can Cause Pancreas and Stomach Issues

Stomach Upset

Alcohol by itself produces a lot of toxic substances, which will cause problems in your stomach and pancreas if you abuse it. The most common issues related to alcohol can be inflammation in your pancreas and even chronic pancreatitis. It may also produce nausea and pain in your abdomen.

Not only that, but it can also affect the lining of your stomach, which helps produce acid and other important compounds that help you process your food and other drinks.

4. Alcohol Increases the Possibility of Death

Consult A Doctor

You probably figured this one out by now, given all the health issues related to heavy drinking, but there are more ways alcohol can harm you.

Alcohol plays an important role in more than 200 diseases and injury conditions, not to mention the risk of drinking while driving, which kills thousands of people every year in the US alone.

Overall, more than three million deaths every year result from the harmful use of alcohol, and in the United States it is the “third leading cause of preventable death”, says Dr. Hensrud.


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