Stop a Cold

We are just starting cold and flu season; you’ll want to take these steps to prepare. Here are some of the best tips to keep you feeling great, or cut down the severity and duration of your cold.

8. Start Before It Begins

drug store

When doctors or nurses even begin to feel a cold coming on, they rush to the drugstore. This feeling could come in the form of early symptoms like coughing, a dripping nose, or just sneezing a little bit more than usual. Over-the-counter products like Advil or a type of cough syrup can combat the symptoms before they truly take root. In the case of a runny nose, try taking a decongestant to shrink blood vessels and tissue in nasal cavities to allow easier breathing. It may be hard to completely stop a cold, but you can blunt the effects before they start.

7. Relax More


Do yourself a favor this flu season and try to relax as much as possible. Stress is an enemy to the body, weakening your immune system and leaving you vulnerable to attack by a virus. Stress causes your body to produce high levels of cortisol that stay present in your bloodstream for a long period. Your body eventually becomes resistant to cortisol and ends up reducing your body’s ability to respond to inflammation and will leave you bedridden instead of doing the things you love. When the going gets tough, relax, or it will only get tougher.


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