Try Salt Water

Salt Water

In the case of a sore throat, try gargling salt water to shorten the negative effects. Gargling salt water is a natural remedy that has been recommended for dozens of years. The salt in the salt water overloads the infected cells and causes them to overload and burst, ensuring that they will be quickly eradicated. This remedy has the benefit of being ultra cheap and unbelievably simple to do, as almost everyone has a supply of salt and water in their homes.

Eat Healthier

health food

Eating healthy will protect you from a wide variety of illnesses, including the common cold because eating healthy supplies you with the foundation for a healthy immune system. Your immune system is only as good as the nutrients you feed it. By fueling your body with nutrients such as vitamins A and C, you will be promoting your immune system to keep you full of energy and free of sickness. Healthy eating can be achieved by keeping track of your calories and eating a balanced amount of veggies, fish, lean protein, and fruit.

Take Zinc

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Taking a zinc supplement after you first encounter early symptoms of a cold could be the difference between a week of misery or short time of slight discomfort. Taking zinc orally through the form of a pill, throat lozenges, or cough syrup within 24 hours of catching a cold is said to reduce the overall length of the illness. Zinc can also reduce the severity of the cold, allowing you to have a clear mind and enough energy to continue doing your tasks until it all blows over.



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