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You probably already know that drinking water can help ease your hunger pains and keep you from snacking in between meals. But guess what else water can do for you! Drinking plenty of water can help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

You shouldn’t be sipping water as soon as your stomach starts to grumble an hour before dinner. You should be drinking water all day long especially if you are particularly active or sweat excessively throughout the day.

Regardless if you are trying to lose weight, here are three surprising facts that will make you reach for your water bottle and take a sip.

3. Drinking Water Can Help You Eat Less At Mealtime


Drinking a large glass of water will help you cut back on the snacks. It’s also an effortless way to feel satisfied without those extra calories. Overweight adults who chugged 16 ounces of water an hour before mealtimes for 12 weeks lost three more pounds than those who were told to imagine their stomachs were full before meal time simply.

2. Water Gives Your Metabolism An Instant Jolt


A couple of glasses of water is equivalent to a shot of espresso for your body’s fat-burning system. Water helps to kick your metabolism into high gear. People who swigged two full glasses of room temperature water experience a 30 percent spike in their metabolic rate in just half an hour. Much of the jolt came from the subject’s bodies having to expend energy to warm the water to body temperature.

1. Ice Water is Even More Potent

ice water

Sipping on ice-cold water will force your body to work even harder to bring the water to body temperature. Warming up an 8-ounce glass of water to body temperature burns about seven calories. Drinking ten chilled glasses of water a day for a week and you will burn an extra 490 calories in a week. Over the course of a year that adds up to more than 7 pounds lost. All from drinking ice water alone.

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