It is not easy seeing someone you love struggle with addiction. Unless you are an addict, you will have a hard time understanding what they are going through and how to help them.

Although it is incredibly overwhelming at times, you should never ignore the issue at hand. That will only make the situation worse. The best option is to encourage the person you are concerned about to seek help. You may be asking, “how do I go about this?”

Continue reading to learn about some useful tips for helping a loved one who is struggling with drug addiction get the help they need.

Get Educated

Alcohol Abuse Drug Abuse

It is crucial to educate yourself about addiction to understand how to go about the situation. Without knowledge about alcohol and drug addiction symptoms, you will likely miss important signs.

Addiction is a complex disease that takes time to understand. If you are dedicated to helping this person recover, knowing how the disease affects them will benefit both you and the addict. It would help if you recognized the many warning signs that come with being an addict because they are not always easy to see.

Be Supportive


It is often hard for people with addiction to comprehend the love their family and friends have for them. Frequently reach out to them so that they are made aware of the love and support you have for them.

Don’t be afraid to express your concerns to your loved one. They may be headed for rock bottom and need your support to lift them back up. Let them know that you are there to support them on their journey to recovery.

Encourage Them in a Loving Way

Encourage Support Friends Family

Similar to any other disease, recovery will be easier if the addiction is treated sooner. However, seeking treatment is a massive step for an addict, and it takes a lot of strength to get to that step.

As the person trying to help, you should expect excuses from your loved one as to why they will not get treated. When you face denial, try not to react with anger or frustration. That will only make them feel ashamed.

Continue encouraging them to get the treatment they need, but ensure you’re doing it in a loving way. If you believe your encouragement is not enough, and the person is deep into their addiction, you should consider an intervention. It will not be easy, but it might be what your loved one needs to recover. An intervention specialist can help you along the process.

Continue the Support

Addiction Support

When your loved one agrees to treatment, that does not mean your job is done. They will continue to struggle as they go through the treatment process and will need your support more than ever. Be there for them every step of the way and express how proud you are of them.

Don’t Forget To Take Care of Yourself

Self Care

During these difficult times, you may forget to take care of yourself because have been putting all of your attention and energy into the person with the addiction.

Just know that it is not at all selfish to care for yourself. In fact, it may be what you need to continue showing support for that person and make the right decisions.


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