Outdoor Dining

With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire across the United States and many other parts of the world, businesses are scrambling to survive. Outdoor dining has become an option for many restaurants to continue serving their clientele. It is also considered a safer way to dine during the pandemic. In this article, we will explore tips from restaurants on what you can do when you decide to eat at out at a local restaurant.

9. “Normal” Dining During COVID-19

Dining Out

Outdoor dining is your safest option if you want to dine out during COVID-19. In fact, many restaurants are only offering outdoor dining to keep everyone safe from the potentially deadly virus.

8. Continue Wearing a Mask When Ordering

Face Mask 3

Of course, you cannot wear your mask when you are eating, but you should while ordering. Waiters and waitresses usually appreciate it when customers wear their masks while ordering. Steph Young, founder & writer of CampingCooks.com, states. “It’s less stressful for waiters when everyone at the table leaves their masks on while ordering (even when they’re not the one talking).”

At most restaurants, the staff will try to maintain at least six feet between themselves and patrons when carrying on a conversation. Having everyone wear a mask adds to the feeling of safety.

When placing your order and wearing your mask, be sure to speak up. The mask will muffle the sound of your voice, making it hard to hear.



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