Avoid Sick People


Staying away from people who are exhibiting signs of sickness may be a good call if you want to avoid catching the flu. While the flu can be passed on to other people before symptoms occur, keeping a distance from those who do have symptoms is still a good habit to keep. The flu is also contagious for 5 to 7 days after being sick, so if one of your friends is sick it may be wise to not meet with them until at least a week later to keep your health intact.

Keep Your Body Clean


Your skin forms a barrier to protect yourself from most illnesses, but your skin can also be the pathway to catching the flu. When out in public, be sure to properly wash your hands when needed. There are many surfaces that you and hundreds of others may touch in a single day, so it is important to kill any random bacteria you may come in contact with throughout the day. Also, until you are able to wash yourself, try not to touch any open holes in your face. Keeping germs from entering your body will keep you from getting sick.



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