It’s probably not a surprise for any of us, but drugs and medications can be really dangerous for your body. Many drugs can affect your body in ways you can’t even imagine, whether you’re an addict or not.

That being said, not all drugs affect your body the same way. Some drugs are more dangerous than others. Although you should try to avoid consuming drugs, here are the 20 most dangerous drugs you should completely avoid. 

20. Acetaminophen


This is regarded as the most dangerous drug due to the adverse effects on the user. It is also called Mapap, Tylenol, or FeverAll, and it’s commonly used as a pain reliever. 

Acetaminophen is very deadly when consumed in excess quantities, or when combined with alcohol or other medicines that have acetaminophen contents. People who use these drugs risk suffering from long-term liver damage, liver toxicity, or even death.

19. Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol

The common types of alcohol are beer, wine, and liquor, which are mostly used for recreation. However, drinking alcohol excessively and in great amounts is extremely dangerous for your body. Alcohol becomes especially harmful when taken with benzodiazepines and other drugs. The effects of excessive alcohol consumption include damage and failure of the liver, high blood pressure, and death. 


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