15. Anti-Hypertensive Drugs


Also known as Cardura, Hytrin, or Minipress, these drugs regulate high blood pressure. However, they become harmful when you take them with diuretics and NSAIDs. The effects of abusing these drugs include acute renal failure, high blood pressure, and cerebrovascular complications. 

14. Bromocriptine

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This drug exists either as Parlodel or Cycloset, and it is used for treating many diseases like tumors, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. 

What makes bromocriptine dangerous is that overusing it can lead to many complications, such as seizures, bleeding in their stomach, and even death. It becomes more dangerous when it’s combined with pseudoephedrine.

13. Clarithromycin

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This drug is mostly used as an antibiotic, though it can become dangerous when taken with statins such as Lipitor or calcium channel blockers. People who use this drug have a high risk of suffering from deadly heart complications.


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