5. Vision Care

Avoiding The Eye Doctor

Medicare will cover an annual eye exam if you suffer from diabetes or if you must undergo cataract surgery. However, routine eye exams are not covered. You will need to purchase Medicare Advantage to obtain vision coverage or a supplemental policy which usually includes certain aspects of vision care.

Another option is the HSA savings plan such as was outlined under dental care. You can use the money from your HSA savings plan to pay for your vision needs.

4. Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid

The cost of hearing aids averages about $3,000 per ear, which is a sizable chunk of money that many seniors cannot afford. Some Medicare Advantage plans do cover fitting exams for hearing aids. You can also enroll in a discount program that provides low-cost hearing aids and accessories. Again, HSA can be used for hearing aid expenses just as it can for dental and vision.

3. Medicare Coverage When Traveling

Cruise Ship

Medicare does not cover your healthcare expenses when you travel outside the United States. However, there are clauses where Medicare will cover health care expenses, such as if you are on a cruise and you are within six hours of a U.S. port.

You can purchase Medigap Plans C and G, M, and N to cover up to 80 percent of care while you are abroad if you require emergency care. Depending on the situation, it can cover medical evacuation such as by a helicopter or plane.



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