Benefits of Black Tea

Unlike coffee, a majority of black tea drinkers associate it with high energy and alertness. Containing caffeine and theophylline, black tea steps up the heart rate and helps people to stay alert. The polyphenol in black tea saves cells from DNA damage. Here are some of the unique health benefits of black tea that you may not have known before.

18. Stops Bleeding

black tea

Bleeding from wounds can be alarming for anyone. But black tea can stop bleeding caused by open cuts. This is possible because of the tannins inside black tea act as astringents and helps control bleeding. By pressing a cool tea bag on the cut, almost immediate relief will follow. The swelling will gradually lessen, and the risk of infection will also be reduced.

17. Eliminates Foul Foot Odor

Eliminates Foul Foot

The foul smell on the feet can be repelling. The problem of stinking feet can be handled with black tea thanks to the tannic acid present, which kills the bacteria behind it and cements the pores. This controls the sweating of feet. For a black tea treatment on feet, soak it in a specially prepared bath after boiling a few tea bags in a limited volume of water for about 15 minutes. Dilute it with more water after the tea bags are taken off. Allow the cooled mixture to soak the feet for 20 minutes. Perform this simple treatment daily until the feet lose their odor. A few drops of essential oil to the feet can spread some aroma as well.



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