Urine Color

Chances are good that you probably don’t think too much about your urine until there is something wrong. If you feel a little burning when you pee, or notice that it’s coming out a different color than you’re used to, you might become concerned. Keeping track of your urine is a smart thing to do, because the urine can be a litmus test of your general health- there’s a lot you can tell by looking at it. If you’re curious about what urine can suggest, read on- but keep in mind consistently off-color urine warrants discussion with a medical professional.


Transparent urine

Transparent urine (urine that is completely clear) is generally not a sign of a problem. All it means is that you are very well hydrated. If your urine is consistently clear, then you are probably overhydrating. You could probably stand to drink a little less water throughout your day; at least that way, you will certainly end up making fewer trips to the bathroom, and even then, you will still be getting all the hydration you need to ensure your body is running smoothly. No problems, just drink a little less water. Your bladder will thank you.

Brown Urine

brown urine

If you thought amber urine was bad, well, brown is worse. The ‘good’ news is, it could just be a sign of serious dehydration. It’s very important to drink more water to see if this is the case. If getting the proper level of hydration moves your urine color closer to pale straw, then you’re probably in the clear, and just need to make a point to stay properly hydrated. However, the bad news is, brown urine can also be a sign of liver disease. If drinking more water doesn’t clear up your urine, see a doctor.



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