3. Your Muscles and Bones

Muscles And Bones

Increased blood supply to your bones and muscles means they will be healthier and stronger. When you kick the habit, you will be less prone to broken bones, decrease your risk of osteoporosis, and heal more quickly from injury. Increased blood flow to your muscles means they will be able to function better with exertion, meaning you will suffer less muscle soreness and pain.

2. Your Libido


Break up with cigarettes and your sex life can improve. It is known that smoking can cause infertility.  It may not be as well known that smoking can decrease sexual desire and performance; erectile dysfunction is another of the many hazards of smoking. Kick the habit and enjoy increased libido and a more fulfilling sex life.

1. Your Wallet


While your wallet may not be a part of your body, you are bound to notice that it is pleasantly fatter after you give up smoking. Smoking one pack a day adds up to several thousand dollars each year. Check out this calculator at Smokefree.gov to see how much money you can save by cutting out cigarettes.

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