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Is there such a thing as an “ideal” body weight? In this appearance-obsessed 21st century, this is indeed a thing, apparently. It is not just women who are paranoid about their weight. Men ruminate on it too, if not more than women, then at least as much as they do.

Both just do it in different ways. If women tend to needlessly worry about being fat, men are more likely to stew over not being “muscled enough.” Some men may even consider themselves far too lean, and brood about this non-issue!

As you can see, we all tend to overthink it. From seemingly healthy people, to obviously obese people, to downright skinny people, we all carry some illusion about our grand idea of the perfect body.

So let us debunk that myth first. Your ideal body weight is not a single number. That is the immediate good news. Now let’s dig into the details.

8. Our Idea of Perfection Is Rarely Our Own


Take a moment to contemplate this. What does your perfect body look like? Fortunately, there are no wrong answers. But you will notice that your ideas are usually inspired by external sources.

Perhaps you are awed by The Rock’s fitness and want to develop his muscled physique. Or perhaps you crave the attention that gorgeous model seems to receive, and hence crave her hourglass figure too. Or you simply wish to emulate your favorite sports star, despite having completely contrasting lifestyles. So this is the first reality check for us. Our default ideas of body perfection are usually a needless exercise in comparison. Dropping this comparison is the first step towards finding your perfect weight.

7. Different Strokes for Different Folks

Buffed Up Body

We will once again use a sports metaphor to illustrate this. Imagine a successful football star. He needs to have a buff body so he can perform adequately on the football field.

Now consider a competitive swimmer. He needs to be ultra-lean so his weight does not pull him down and interfere with his swimming speed. But what if they coveted the other’s body type? They’d suck at their sport for sure! This only reiterates that our perfect weight is one that is best suited for our lifestyle alone. It also needs to be in harmony with our unique body type.


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