6. Minor Weight Fluctuations Are Totally Okay

Minor Weight

Are you the kind of person that religiously stands on a scale every morning and then berates yourself when the number goes up? There’s your first big misstep. This kind of pressure is not only pointless, but it can even sabotage your attempts at achieving peak fitness. Even the most hardened image consultant experts agree that it is perfectly reasonable for our body weight to fluctuate by a couple of pounds or more, even on the same day.

So there! A more reasonable source of measurement is the BMI, or the Body Mass Index. This determines a healthy range of weight based on your height. While this certainly gives you more wiggle room, it isn’t perfect either.

5. Embrace Your Body Shape

Body Shape

What exactly is this “body shape” we keep referring to? This depends on your bone structure, which in turn comes from your genes. For instance, you and a friend may be close in height, but while she looks lanky, you look curvy. More importantly, you both look good. Well, that’s your body shape working for you! This again illustrates why one “perfect” number is never a good thing.

Some of us can be top-heavy, while others are more rounded at the bottom. Some people are symmetrical all over. Again, there is no right or wrong shape. What is more important is for you to mold your body weight in proportion to your natural shape.

4. All Weight Is Not Fat

All Weight

BMI is a more reasonable measure of body weight than the number of pounds you weigh. But while it claims to help us determine body fat, it does an incomplete job of it, as it does not consider different body shapes. For instance, BMI will obviously consider your curvy self to be “fatter” than your lanky friend. But this can be completely untrue, both metaphorically and scientifically!

A better measure is the newly developed ABSI, which stands for A Body Shape Index. This index also considers your waist measurements and the proportion of your body based on your height, weight, and waist. See, it already sounds more neutral, and is hence universal!

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