2. Recovery

Meniscus Recovery

While recovery time varies with each patient and with each injury, most individuals can expect to be able to return to the same activities they enjoyed before the injury. Your physician will take into consideration your age, the cause of the meniscal tear, and whether or not surgery is required. It may take as long as eight weeks for a meniscal tear to heal on its own. Recovery following a partial meniscectomy may take one month. A meniscus repair surgery generally requires a longer recovery time.

1. Complications


It is suggested that a meniscal tear may increase the likelihood of a patient developing osteoarthritis. Of course, osteoarthritis also increases the risk of a meniscal tear. In addition to the possible risk of arthritis, some patients find they have a decreased range of motion following a meniscus tear. Other patients continue to suffer some level of pain following this injury.



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