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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at this time, over seven million people in America have received the much-anticipated COVID-19 vaccine. Most people who have been vaccinated are frontline healthcare employees, nursing homes, and people over 75 years of age. In the meantime, while workers administrate the vaccines, manufacturers continue to make more for distribution. 

In the upcoming months, COVID vaccines will be available to the general population. To quickly distribute the COVID vaccines, retailers like Walmart are helping make the vaccines accessible to as many people as possible. Here are a few questions people may want to have answered before they get the vaccine at their nearest retailer. 

9. Why Is the Vaccine Important?

Coronavirus Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccines help to protect you, as well as those around you. It’s difficult to predict who will experience the most severe COVID symptoms, and the long-term effects of a COVID infection may last for years. Therefore, the COVID-19 vaccine helps keep a person from getting infected with the virus and prevent any potential short-term and long-term symptoms that might occur with a bout of the coronavirus. The COVID vaccine also keeps other people from getting infected with the virus. If you have been vaccinated, you are less likely to spread the virus to others around you. 

8. Does the Vaccine Mean the Disease Will Go Away Entirely? 

Vaccine Covid 19 Guidelines

Although the vaccines don’t banish the threat of all COVID-19 infections, they can decrease infections to the point where the disease is no longer a pandemic or epidemic. The virus seeks out susceptible people. If most people are vaccinated, fewer people will be available for the virus to infect, limiting the ways it can spread. Hopefully, at some point, the rate of infections will decrease to a much more manageable rate. 


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