9. Other Health Issues Linked to PFOA

Health Issues

There are several health conditions possibly linked to long-term exposure to PFOA in the environment. The Environmental Pollution Centers list several disorders possibly associated with PFOA, including thyroid dysfunction, osteoarthritis, liver disease, immune disorders, and delayed puberty. Increased uric acid levels and changes in total cholesterol levels may also be linked to PFOA. Furthermore, high levels of PFOA may contribute to improper fetal development, heart problems, and skeletal issues.

8. Household Products That May Contain PFOA

Household Products

Nonstick pots and pans are not the only items that may contain PFOA or have contained PFOA in the past. In addition to its nonstick properties, PFOA is also useful in the construction of waterproof and water-resistant products. Household goods that may contain PFOA include leather, cleaning products, carpeting, pesticides, polishes, waterproof clothing articles, protective sprays, upholstery coatings, and firefighting foams. Additionally, food packaging and certain glues, waxes, and polishes may contain PFOA.

7. Foods That May Contain PFOA

Foods Pfoa

When food is packaged in wrappers that contain PFOA, those chemicals may be transferred to the food. Fast food wrappers that have been treated with chemicals to contain greasy food items may contain PFOA. Microwave popcorn bags are convenient for popping a delicious snack, but they may be transferring PFOA from their inner lining to your popcorn. Finally, the takeout food containers from your favorite restaurants may also contain PFOA.

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