6. Cosmetics That May Contain PFOA


Environmental Working Group researched its cosmetic database and discovered Teflon in 66 different products from 15 different companies. To avoid applying PFOA and related chemicals to your skin, read the labels on any skincare products you intend to use. Look for any ingredients that contain the word “fluoro”, as these are the chemicals you want to avoid.

5. Environmental Problems Due to PFOA

Environmental Problems

Improper disposal of PFOA by manufacturers can lead to contamination of soil, air, and water. Since PFOAs are slow to break down, their effects can be long-lasting. At particular risk are areas near large industrial facilities that use or have used PFOAs. Since firefighting foams often contain PFOA, high levels may be found near firefighting training sites.

4. Drinking Water That May Contain PFOA

Drinking Water

While the PFOA Stewardship Program may have phased out the use of PFOA, there are still remnants in the environment. There are still measurable amounts of PFOA in soil, drinking water, and within animals and humans who have been exposed to the chemical. Communities in which the water supply may be contaminated by PFOA and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) include towns in Michigan as well as New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, and Kansas.

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