Fat Freeze

Your face reveals more than just your emotions. Your face can provide important information about your health. A physician will look at your face during their assessment, trying to pick up clues about your health status. The skin on the face can be especially sensitive to stress, allergens, and infections, making your face a general map of your health. 

A closer look in the mirror can uncover clues about how well the other parts of your body function. No one knows your face better than you do, so being knowledgeable about what changes to look out for can alert you to any health problems that might arise. 

10. Under-Eye Bags 

Dark Eye Bags

Puffy eyes can be the repercussions of a late night out on the town or genetics. In other cases, however, eye bags can be a sign of chronic allergies. Allergies cause blood vessels to dilate, creating puffiness and a dark blue hue. Some other conditions that can cause under-eye bags are sleep apnea and hypothyroidism.

9. Cracked Lips


Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and say a lot about your body’s condition. Dry, cracked lips can indicate dehydration. Evaluate your water intake and check your environment. If you’re in a hot and humid area, or if your air is dry, you may be losing water faster than you’re taking it in. 


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