2. A New Mole 


Moles are typically harmless. However, take note of new moles and any changes that you might see. An irregularly shaped mole that bleeds, has hair growing out of it, or grows quickly should be seen by a healthcare professional. Consequently, the face receives more sun exposure than the rest of the body. Due to this fact, it’s vital to wear sunscreen and sun protection when outdoors and be vigilant about noting skin changes. 

1. Suddenly Asymmetrical

Droopign Eyelids

If you notice that one side of your face starts to droop or doesn’t match the other side, get emergency help quickly. A suddenly asymmetrical can be a sign of a stroke. A stroke can cause one side of your face to become numb, droop, and hard to control. If your smile doesn’t look the same on one side of your face, you may be having a stroke. Don’t ignore this critical change, and get assistance quickly.

Next time you look in the mirror, take some time to check yourself closely. You can play a vital role in keeping yourself healthy. Be aware of changes in your appearance. Unlike your doctor, who only evaluates you a few times a year, you see yourself every day. Take control of your health and take note of any changes you can recognize. 


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