2. Norovirus


It’s not fun to think about, but stomach viruses can spread through kissing. Norovirus, which causes gastroenteritis, is present in saliva. Furthermore, if a person recently vomited, the virus may still be in their mouth and ready to spread to the next person they kiss. 

1. Oral Bacteria Leading to Gum Disease

Gums Bleed

Technically, gum disease doesn’t spread from person to person. The bacteria that can cause gum disease is what gets transmitted through kissing. If a person doesn’t maintain good oral hygiene, the bacteria can multiply and result in gum disease. 

Wait! Don’t Swear Off Kissing Just Yet! 

Kissing is a universal sign of affection and love. Additionally, kissing has mental and physical health benefits, like boosting the immune system, reducing tension, and producing feelings of bonding and well-being. Most kissing won’t result in any of the above diseases, and the chances of any of them occurring are rare. At the same time, there are precautions you should take if you want to share a smooch. 

  1. Avoid kissing others if you’re feeling sick or have a cold sore, wart, or wound in or around the mouth. Try not to kiss others who have those symptoms. 
  2. Maintain good oral health by brushing and flossing regularly. 


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