5. Psoriasis


Psoriasis occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts and starts to produce excess skin cells. The new skin cells appear in three days or less instead of the typical 28 to 30 days. The skin simply cannot shed the dead cells fast enough and a buildup occurs that appears red and itchy.

If you itch psoriasis it can bleed due to the diluted blood vessels found in the epidermis. Ideally, you should avoid itching so your skin has a chance to start repairing itself.

Moisturizing can help, but you might also have to seek medical assistance. Your physician will prescribe psoriasis treatments such as prescription medication or ultraviolet light therapy to provide you with relief.

4. Contact Dermatitis


Certain allergens and irritants lead to contact dermatitis. One of the most common allergens that cause contact dermatitis is poison ivy. The skin becomes very inflamed and a red rash develops that is extremely itchy.

Wash the area immediately after exposure to an irritant. Apply cool compresses, hydrocortisone cream, and try over-the-counter allergy medications. If you are unsure what caused the contact dermatitis, then seek the help of a physician to determine the cause.

3. Dandruff


Many people are surprised to learn that dandruff is actually a fungal infection caused by the fungus Malassezia. The fungus lives on the scalp of all humans, but some people are more prone to an overgrowth. Scratching can also worsen dandruff significantly.

Dandruff shampoos can help treat the condition if they contain zinc pyrithione. However, some people must pursue a prescription-strength formula.

2. Athlete’s Foot

Do your feet burn and itch? You might have a fungal infection referred to as athlete’s foot. You can catch the fungus from a shower, locker room, pool deck, or gym floor. It produces scaly skin that itches, especially between the toes. Tiny fissures also develop that can quickly become infected.

Athlete’s foot is contagious and can even spread beyond your feet. Ideally, you need to treat the condition quickly with an antifungal cream. In some cases, the fungus might be aggressive and require prescription-strength medication.

1. Hemorrhoids

Causes Hemorrhoids

The veins of the rectum can become inflamed and swollen because of added weight, pregnancy, or excessive straining when trying to have a bowel movement. As the area of inflammation starts to recede, the skin often starts to itch.

Over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams, ice packs, sitz baths, and witch hazel all offer relief from the embarrassing itch. You should also strive to keep the area clean and dry. In extreme cases, you might have to seek treatment from a physician, which can include surgery.

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