9. Risk Factors for Primary Raynaud’s

Risk Factors Raynaud’s

Risk factors for primary Raynaud’s syndrome are different from those for secondary Raynaud’s. Primary Raynaud’s is more common in women than in men. It generally affects individuals before the age of 30. This type of Raynaud’s tends to run in families, so a family history may indicate the possibility of developing Raynaud’s. Also, since cold temperatures can trigger episodes of Raynaud’s, living in a cold climate can increase the chances of susceptible persons suffering attacks.

8. Secondary Raynaud’s

Secondary Raynaud’s

Secondary Raynaud’s symptoms tend to be more severe than those of primary Raynaud’s. This type of Raynaud’s usually comes about as a result of another medical condition, activity, or exposure. Secondary Raynaud’s can be linked to certain repetitive movements such as typing or operating equipment like a jackhammer. Certain medications that constrict arteries may result in secondary Raynaud’s syndrome. Diseases and conditions that affect the blood flow of arteries or the nerves that control arteries may cause Raynaud’s. Additionally, exposure to chemicals and injuries to the hands or feet can lead to Raynaud’s.

7. Risk Factors for Secondary Raynaud’s

Risk Of 2nd Raynaud’s

Unlike primary Raynaud’s, secondary Raynaud’s typically affects people over the age of 30. If you perform a lot of repetitive motions or use machinery or tools that vibrate, you may be at risk. Furthermore, if you work in the plastics industry, the chemical vinyl chloride can cause Raynaud’s. There are several autoimmune disorders that can be accompanied by the Raynaud’s phenomenon. These include rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, and Sjogren’s disease. Additionally, Raynaud’s can be connected to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), Buerger’s disease, and certain blood disorders. Furthermore, medications that can cause narrowing of the arteries can trigger Raynaud’s. These include certain migraine medications, cancer medications such as cisplatin and vinblastine, and beta blockers.

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