Immunocompromised People or Those Who Have Taken Immunosuppressive Medications

immunocompromised people

Immunomodulatory medications won’t cause the vaccine to harm you, but they may lower the body’s ability to create a good immune response. So, if you are taking such medications, it is best to speak to their health care provider to weigh the risks.

According to the CDC, no data is currently available regarding the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines for those with autoimmune conditions. However, such persons were eligible for enrollment in clinical trials.

An immunocompromised can get vaccinated if they have no history of allergic reactions to vaccines. However, they should be aware of the unknown vaccine safety profile and effectiveness in immunocompromised populations.

Re-vaccination or additional doses are not recommended by the CDC for people who received the vaccine during chemotherapy or treatment involving other immunosuppressive drugs.

If You Have Covid-19 Right Now or Have Been Exposed

sick covid antibodies

It is best to wait until you completely recover from COVID-19 before getting vaccinated. Since reinfection is uncommon, according to the CDC, you may even want to wait up to 90 days after recovering.

Following exposure to COVID-19, the vaccine is will likely be ineffective in preventing disease. So, don’t put the health of others at risk by getting vaccinated under these conditions.

According to the CDC, if you received Covid-19 antibodies, it is recommended to wait 90 days before being vaccinated as a precautionary measure to avoid interference with immune responses.


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