Younger People

young people

The Moderna vaccine is available for people 18 or older. And people 16 or older can receive the Pfizer vaccine. The CDC says, neither COVID-19 vaccine is currently approved for children. In the Pfizer trial, kids aged 12 to 15 were included but did not make up a large enough number. So, more research is necessary.

Most People Can and Should Get Vaccinated

women vaccine allergic ingredients

It is completely safe and highly recommended for most adults to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Pregnant women, those who are immunocompromised or who take immunosuppressive medications are the main groups of people who should consult their doctors before vaccination.

Those who should avoid the vaccine until others become available are people with a severe or immediate allergic reaction to the vaccine ingredients.

Additionally, people who are currently infected with COVID-19 should wait until complete recovery to receive the vaccination. And, finally, those who received COVID-19 antibodies should wait 90 days to receive the vaccine.

New research is always in the works, and guidelines can change.


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