Probably the most common change our body undergoes is pubic hair. Some people like it, and some hate it, but the truth is that they all have it. But why is that? Is pubic hair actually useful for your body? Do you really need it, or are we better off without it? Here’s what you need to know. 

Pubic hair has evolved as a way of enhancing attraction, protection, and comfort. However, that’s not the only reason we have it. There are actually other benefits of having pubic hair.

7. Pubic Hair Helps with Pheromones


Pheromones are a chemical produced by the scent glands found in the groin. Pheromones serve the purpose of triggering attraction in your sexual partner. Although it is impossible to smell this chemical, you can be sure that your brain can sense it. But what does pubic hair have to do with this? Well, your pubic hair helps protect your pheromone glands and keeps the scent potent and appealing for your potential partner.

6. It Works as a Cushion


The contact between skin during sexual intercourse can cause some discomfort in your genital area. This situation can become more pronounced when the act involves frontal contact, like when doing missionary. Therefore, your pubic hair serves to provide extra padding and cushioning during sex. Also, the cushioning effect helps reduce rubbing and chafing.  

In addition, your genitals can be chafed by your clothing, extra tight underwear, or by simply going commando. Also, if you are involved in daily activities that demand using your pelvis, such as cycling or any related exercises, the sensitive area around your genitals may suffer from continuous rubbing and roughing. 

For this reason, your pubic hair serves to provide a protective shield between your clothing, bicycle seats, or tight underwear, minimizing the discomfort in your genital region. Doctors observe that certain activities and sex positions become uncomfortable when your trim your pubic hair. 


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