Triglyceride Reduction


Both HDL and LDL cholesterol are closely related to triglycerides, and therefore, heart disease. This is because bodily processes break down and reassemble triglycerides, putting them with HDL and LDL to store excess energy in the form of fat. However, if there are too many triglycerides left in the bloodstream, the circulatory system may be negatively affected. Regular intake of omega-3 can directly reduce triglyceride levels in adults; specifically, it seems that fish oil supplements have the greatest effect on those who possess very high triglyceride levels. Essentially, high HDL and low triglyceride levels are best for health.

Arteries and Vessels


Omega-3s don’t just help the heart; they also strengthen the arteries and the blood vessels of the body’s circulatory system. Specifically, research has found that omega-3s may play an important role in keeping blood vessels open. This is particularly true in patients who have had blockages or collapses that required surgery to correct. When taken three weeks before angioplasty, as well a month or so following it, omega-3s have been shown to prevent recurrent blood vessel blockage. This is likewise true for coronary bypass; in this case, the artery is more likely to remain open as a result of omega-3.

Bone Health

bone health
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When it comes to keeping the bones in our bodies strong and healthy, we know that it’s important to keep an adequate intake of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. However, the strengths of these nutrients can be further amplified by omega-3 supplements. There is some research to suggest that omega-3 can not only contribute to a slowing of bone loss but can also help increase the density of bones; specifically, an increase of bone density in the hips, femurs, clavicle or vertebrae (spine) can prove beneficial for the elderly, who often fracture such bones as a result of falling down.



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