1. Side Effects and Changing Statins

Certain Medications

If a woman starts experiencing side effects taking statins, then they should discuss these with their physician. A different strain of statin might be an option.

Statins remind the number one choice for the treatment of high cholesterol. They are safe and highly effective at bringing down elevated levels, especially if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and ample exercise. However, it should be noted that the body does not process all statins the same.

Everyone responds to statins differently. Individual factors that can impact how the medication works, including age, ethnicity, medical history, and any other prescriptions.

Those in danger of side effects include:

  • Anyone taking multiple medications
  • Females
  • Those over 80 years old
  • Having liver disease
  • Those with kidney disease
  • Individuals with a small body frame
  • Anyone who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Having hypothyroidism
  • Suffering from neuromuscular disorders

Your physician will evaluate your risk before prescribing statins and then will closely monitor your physical health while you are on the medication. At the first sign of a problem, you should consult with your physician immediately instead of discontinuing the prescription.

Sometimes seeking natural ways to treat your elevated cholesterol is a better option than statins. Many physicians will try to suggest dietary changes and exercise prior to prescribing statins. You’ll want all options to bring down your cholesterol.


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