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Do you worry because a diet which worked wonders for your friend is not doing anything for you? Blame your gut, or your gut bacteria, to be more precise. A comprehensive study by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark showed that bacterial ratio plays a very important role in losing weight by dieting.

But before you go getting your poop sample tested, understand how this study works.

The research

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The International Journal of Obesity published a study by Danish researchers conducted on 62 overweight people. The sample included people from all walks of life who were overweight with a large waist size.

They randomly put half the sample on a new Nordic diet. The diet had low fat and high fiber content and included a liberal amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Others were put on a traditional Danish diet which avoided whole grains and composed of lean meats, eggs, coffee, and lettuce.

The study was conducted after keeping both sample groups on a strict diet pattern for 26 weeks. The results revealed that people who had a higher ratio of Prevotella to Bacteroids were more susceptible to weight loss when kept on a high fiber diet. It adequately demonstrated that gut bacteria had a considerable role in losing weight while on a diet.

How much weight did people lose?


The Study marked a considerable difference in weight loss among people with a high Prevotella and Bacteroid ratio. Prevotella and Bacteroids are both bacteria found in our intestines.

Participants with a high ratio who were on the high fiber diet lost 7 pounds more than people on an average diet. Furthermore, people who had a higher ratio of these bacteria lost 3.5 pounds more than people with lower ratio while on the same diet.

People on the New Nordic diet (high fiber diet) with high bacteria ratio lost almost 10.9 pounds on an average. However, those with low Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio lost roughly the same pound weight in both diets.

There was no considerable difference in weight loss for people with low Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio while on both diets.

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This led the researchers to conclude that Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio has a vital role in deciding your propensity for weight loss.


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