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In the recent Nordic diet study conducted by Danish researchers, no person from the sample size was allowed to indulge in artificial sweeteners. This means no diet soda or sugar-free gums.

Artificial sweeteners are linked to weight loss in many studies; however, they also result in increased blood sugar and low insulin response. It also affects Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio adversely in your gut.

In case you want to improve gut bacteria in your system, including Prevotella and Bacteroids, these tips will come in very helpful.

However, if you are one with a high Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio and want to lose weight right away, then the New Nordic diet is what you need.

New Nordic Diet

nordic diet

As the name suggests, it was developed by chefs and food professionals from the five Nordic countries. However, it is not really that new as it was developed in 2004 and has been improved upon since.

The diet is rich in plant foods and whole grains, while keeping fat to a minimum. The original rule of this diet was to grow or forage for your food. The logic behind this was to eat food which was local to weather, environment, and place. However, today with the stores brimming with organic and fresh produce, you can take your pick off the racks.

Many studies over the years have shown that weight gain is primarily associated with faulty eating habits. Nordic diet includes plant-based items such as cabbages, root vegetables, and other dark greens. There are many fruits which you snack upon like berries, apples, or pears. You should also add whole grains like rye, barley, and oats to your diet for fuel and energy. If needed, a very small amount of dairy can be included, but preferably, in the form of yogurt as it improves gut bacteria.

Fish and meat in the average Nordic diet should be local; however, in the US, you can opt for low-fat meat products such as salmon, chicken, turkey (without skin), lean beef (sirloin, chuck, round).

The principles of this diet are quite simple:

  • Eat local produce, as it helps your gut bacteria function to its optimum level in that climate and place
  • Including whole grains in your diet
  • No artificial produce or sweeteners
  • Use canola oil for cooking


fecal test

A high Prevotella to Bacteroid ratio can tell you whether a particular diet will work for you or not. You can have your feces tested to better understand as to how your body functions. In case you have a high Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio, a Nordic diet involving high fiber, high protein, and low fat can help you lose weight quickly.

However, if you are someone with a low Prevotella-Bacteroid ratio, then you should focus on losing weight with exercise and wholesome balanced diet rather than a particular set of food items.

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The vital point to take away from here is that gut bacteria play a pivotal role in keeping your weight balanced. Many studies are currently underway to find the best balance of bacteria. Until a scientific answer is discovered, it is sagacious advice to keep a clean and healthy gut by eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and fermented items.


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