19 Signs of Lung Cancer You Might Be Ignoring

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16. Shortness of Breath

shortness of breath

If you become suddenly winded after climbing the stairs, or after your daily walk around the block, it could be a symptom of lung cancer. Short distances that suddenly leave you gasping for air are indications that you are either out of shape or suffering from lung cancer. “Shortness of breath can come from a tumor blocking the windpipe. It can also stem from an accumulation of fluid in the chest that pushes on the lung and leaves you with a lack of air,” says Dr. Flores. When cancer forms in the lining of the lungs, it causes fluid to build up in your chest, and even though your chest is capable of holding between three to four liters of fluid, when it completely fills up, the lungs are unable to get enough air, he says. Trouble breathing when you are sitting or lying down is also a sign of serious trouble.

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