Medicare Plan F: Has Been Removed or Isn’t Available in the Same Fashion

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Medicare Plan F has emerged as one of the most popular supplement plans. However, millions of people are now facing the loss of the favored Medicare Plan because Congress has told beneficiaries that they need to change.

2020 Changes to Medicare Plan F

Plan F and Plan C have been removed and are no longer available in the same fashion as in previous years. However, those who are eligible for Medicare Part A before 2020 will still have the chance to enroll in Plans C and F later.

6. Historical Medicare Supplement Plan Changes

Congress occasionally decides to change the Medicare supplement plans for a variety of reasons. In 1990 they issued the first standardized plan choices. In 2010, several of those first plans were eliminated such as I, H, J, and E. Now they have announced that in 2020, Plan F and C are also being taken away.

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