Medicare Plan F: Has Been Removed or Isn’t Available in the Same Fashion

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3. Paying More and Plan F

Congress wants Medicare beneficiaries to pay more which many consider an added financial burden and hardship. Those who are used to Medicare Plan F are used to what is referred to as ‘first dollar coverage’ which means that Medicare covers 80 percent and the Medigap Plan F covers the deductibles in addition to the extra 20 percent.

People on Plan F were expected to pay no co-pay for all their Medicare-related physician visits. There was also no co-pay for any doctor visit related to Medicare. Sadly, many believe that the lack of cost-sharing enables people to seek medical care for even small minor issues so abuse of the service can occur.

The question that exists is if the steps being taken will reduce the annual expenditures. Many who oppose the decisions believe that people will end up waiting longer to get the care they need for serious issues. Ultimately, such waits would end up costing the Medicare system far more money.

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