8. Rare Meat

Red Meat

While Her Majesty enjoys beef, lamb, and venison, she prefers her meat to be well done. The Telegraph reports that the queen particularly enjoys the well-done ends of a roast for her Sunday dinner. Therefore, you won’t find any especially pink, tender, juicy hunks of meat on the royal buffet. Making sure meats are thoroughly cooked may also be a way to ensure Her Majesty doesn’t come down with a tummy bug. An illness would interrupt her busy schedule of keeping up with correspondence, taking meetings, and making royal appearances.

7. White Eggs


While eggs are popular with the royal family, you are more likely to find brown eggs than white ones at the queen’s table. According to The Guardian, the queen feels that brown eggs are tastier than their paler counterparts. Rumor has it that although the queen enjoys a simple breakfast of Special K cereal, on occasion, she prefers to start the day with eggs scrambled with salmon. Another fun fact is that Queen Elizabeth is as comfortable eating fruit from a plastic container as from gilt-edged plates and saucers. At home, you might find her snacking from a simple Tupperware bowl.

6. Bread Crusts

White Bread

While the queen reportedly does not indulge in starchy foods, she does enjoy tea sandwiches with the crusts removed. Hello! Magazine quotes former royal chef Owen Hodgson as saying the royal kitchen staff assembles the Queen’s tuna sandwiches according to precise specifications. First, staff butter both sides of the bread before adding the tuna filling. Next, they apply thin slices of cucumber and a dash of pepper. The final step is the removal of the crusts and the cutting of the sandwiches into perfect triangles.

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