5. Fruit Out of Season


To ensure that fruit is at its peak freshness and not genetically altered, Her Royal Highness eats fruit only in season. Furthermore, she declines to pick up a piece of whole fruit and munch it from her hand. Word has it that the queen cuts open and slices her banana with a knife before consuming the fruit with a fork. It takes effort to maintain one’s dignity, after all.

4. Sugary Tea

Coffee, Tea, Frappé

Queen Elizabeth enjoys a morning pot of Earl Grey tea, according to BT. While she does take milk with her tea, she skips the sugar. This isn’t to say that Her Majesty doesn’t have a sweet tooth. The article goes on to say the queen enjoys Dundee cake at high tea time. This cake contains marmalade, almonds, dried, fruit, and cherries. Chef McGrady reports that another one of the queen’s favorite cakes is the chocolate biscuit cake. In fact, McGrady says Her Majesty would have this cake sent along on her travels so she could finish the entire dessert.

3. Onions


Like garlic, onions are a no-no at royal gatherings. Again, the Queen appears to be fastidious about maintaining fresh breath. This seems wise for someone whose schedule is jam-packed with meetings with various officials, ambassadors, chiefs of states, bishops, ministers, presidents, and more. While she doesn’t eat onions, Chef McGrady reports that the queen is fond of other vegetables. She usually enjoys two types of veggies along with a piece of fish or chicken for her lunch.



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