2. Shellfish


While Queen Elizabeth does enjoy fish, she avoids shellfish. Travel+Leisure reports this may be in an effort to prevent the ravages and schedule interruptions caused by foodborne illness. Therefore, if you are invited to dine at the palace, you should not expect to enjoy lobster, crab legs, mussels, or oysters. However, you may find goodies such as the ones experienced at the Singapore State Banquet. The Royal Collection Trust menu lists fillets of Dover sole, salmon mousse, Sandringham Estate pheasant, and crushed root vegetables, followed by chocolate and praline ice cream and seasonal fruit.

1. Tomato Sauces

Tomatoe Sauce

You may have experienced slurping your spaghetti and ending up with a permanent tomato stain on your shirt. If so, you can understand why Queen Elizabeth declines tomato sauces. A BBC news article, reports that while the queen was visiting the Italian president in 2000, chefs were told to refrain from serving “long pastas and ‘messy’ tomato sauces.” Good advice for when you are eating out with important business associates who you wouldn’t want to face with a big, red tomato splotch on your front.



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