2. Folding Fitted Sheets

Folding Fitted Sheets

No matter how many cute videos pop up on the internet demonstrating the ease of folding fitted sheets, this task still confounds many of us. If you are willing to give it another go, Crane and Canopy offers a 1 ½ minute video on How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in Seconds. Give it some practice, and soon you will be able to wrestle your fitted sheets into submission. If not, smooth them as best you can, fold them up tight, and call it good.

1. Purchasing New Sheets

Purchasing New Sheets

It is time to replace your sheets when they become thin, stained, or worn. Cotton is an excellent fabric for sheets as it is soft, breathable, and easily washable. Additionally, you may enjoy sheets made of linen, bamboo, sateen, or percale. In general, a thread count of between 200 and 800 will provide a soft, durable bed sheet. However, thread count isn’t the only critical factor in determining a high-quality sheet. Tuck recommends considering the weave, fabric material, and ply count in addition to thread count when shopping for new bed linens.



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