If you enjoy a minimalist or natural look to your kitchen, you’re most likely already an owner of a wooden cooking spoon. Wooden spoons lend a beautifully nostalgic and rustic look to any kitchen. They remind people of cooking with their grandparents and allow users to feel like they are holding a piece of art in their hands. But wooden spoons aren’t just memorable decor for our kitchens, they’re good for our health and cookware, too! 

Wooden spoons give a kitchen a high-end look without the costly price. But they’re more than beautiful, they’re also useful and healthier than other options. Here are ten reasons why wooden spoons are the Swiss army knife of kitchen utensils. 

10. They Keep Germs at Bay


Wood is porous and retains water, which might make people think wood also harbors bacteria. However, wood has unique antibacterial properties. This doesn’t mean that wood is completely free of bacteria, and wooden spoons still require adequate cleaning and appropriate kitchen hygiene practices. Nonetheless, bacteria are slow to grow on wooden surfaces. 

9. They’re Comfortable to Use


With a natural grip to them, wooden spoons don’t have the slippery surface that metal and plastic spoons are known for. That solid grip makes wooden spoons more comfortable to use and easier to control when mixing. Wooden spoons also place less strain on the arm and hands, making them more user-friendly for people with arthritis. 


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